Friday 30 September 2016

IR cameras now more affordable.

Until 31st December 2016, selected models from the Fluke TiS Performance Series Infrared Camera range are now more affordable for customers to solve problems and avoid expensive downtime. This popular series of rugged thermal imaging cameras, with up to 320 x 240 resolution and an easy-to-use interface, produce high quality, focused images that enable users to produce better analysis and presentation of results which can also be shared with colleagues off-site wirelessly, via a smartphone or tablet, using Fluke Connect® technology.

Companies conducting infrared inspections want the high quality images that Fluke’s TiS Series offers, to enable better analysis, presentation, and professionalism. Poorly focused images make it difficult to see details and also impact temperature measurement accuracy. With the TiS range’s sharply focused image, there is distinct contrast between areas of varying thermal energy on the surface being inspected. This allows the individual pixels to clearly report the intensity of the energy being focused on them.

Fluke patented IR-Fusion® technology on the TiS Series cameras combines a visible light and an infrared image into one, giving better clarity. More detail can be seen by adjusting the level of infrared and visible light blending in AutoBlend mode, while ‘picture-in-picture’ helps to clearly identify the exact location by providing the centre part of the display in IR and the remainder of the image in visible light. Also included is Fluke SmartView® software, which provides a suite of advanced tools to view, optimise, annotate, and analyse infrared images, and generate fully customisable professional reports.

The Fluke Connect system is a preventive maintenance software platform that wirelessly links Fluke test tools to smartphones or tablets, and to the cloud where measurements can be viewed, graphed, shared and stored for trending and further analysis. Problems can be pinpointed faster by pulling in other measurement types like electrical and vibration into the thermal image. Access to historical data and reports are possible from the field. Measurement data is automatically uploaded to the cloud via the free Fluke Connect app.

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