Wednesday 7 September 2016

Online product configurator for power supply units.

Excelsys Technologies have redesigned their online power supply configurator to include the newly introduced CoolX series of 600W convection cooled power supplies alongside the very successful UltiMod, Xsolo and Xgen product ranges.

Dermot Flynn, Sales Director of Excelsys Technologies, comments, “Our configurator now includes our complete range of user configurable and single output power supplies simplifying power supply selection for system anywhere in the world. Customers will get the optimum solution recommended, access to supporting technical documentation as well as the opportunity to engage with our global Applications Engineering support. ”

Their range of user configurable and single output power supplies, with their unique plug and play architecture, allows system designers to define and build ‘instant’ custom power supplies from the simple to use online configurator. The unique part number generated may be used to buy the product specified from any of Excelsys global channel partners.

The configurator just requires the input voltage, output power requirements, and application type (Medical, Industrial/ITE or Hi-Rel COTS). Additional features including output control options, reverse fans, acoustic noise, low leakage current, conformal coating and extra ruggedisation may also be added. The configurator processes the supplied information, applies any necessary deratings required due to input line and fan choices and will recommend a unique, custom power supply optimized for the specific application.

If the requirements of the project are outside the range of the configurator the Excelsys application engineering team will usually be able to offer a solution based on two or more power supplies connected is series or parallel.

Typical applications for Excelsys power supplies include medical clinical diagnostic equipment, medical and cosmetic lasers, dialysis equipment, radiological imaging and clinical chemistry, industrial test and measurement, industrial machines, automation equipment, printing, telecommunications, audio equipment and high reliability harsh industrial electronics, radar, (Naval, Ground Based), communications, communications, IT, wafer fabrication, optical inspection, wire bonding, automated test equipment and  test and measurement systems.

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