Tuesday 20 September 2016

Gas detector achieves wireless certification.

The ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute announces today that Riken Keiki’s SDWL1 wireless gas detector has successfully been certified as ISA100 Wireless interoperable, assuring that the SDWL1 will seamlessly join and interoperate in any other suppliers’ certified ISA100 Wireless network.

The SDWL1 is a wireless flammable gas detector built to extend the benefits of wireless detection into safety applications. The SDWL1’s non-dispersive infrared detection system ensures accuracy while the advanced reliability features of ISA100 Wireless ensure wireless communication signal truancy.

The SDWL1 increases on-site operational safety by enabling monitoring schemes that would be cost prohibitive or physically impossible using traditional, wired devices. The ISA100 Wireless SDWL1 eliminates most of the cable installation needs and reduces implementation time and costs. Operating costs are also reduced because wireless capabilities extend coverage of gas monitoring at operational sites, reducing the need for on-site inspections.

Using ISA100 Wireless networks assures robust, secure and reliable transmission of signals in safety systems. ISA100 Wireless supports controlled latency down to 100ms. It uses advanced reliability and co-existence mechanisms, such as DUOCAST, the simultaneous transmission of duplicate signals across independent network paths. And it features two layers of security, at the transport layer and data link layer. ISA100 Wireless solutions are now available with SIL2 approval.

“Developing wireless technology presented unique challenges versus wired, such as wireless design (high-frequency design technology), radio production, and Radio Law compliance,” said Hisayoshi Kobayashi, President, Riken Keiki. “ISA100 Wireless is an open standard. And certified ISA100 Wireless communication modules are readily available from various manufacturers that already solve these problems. We chose ISA100 Wireless and successfully developed a wireless sensor in a short period of time by using certified communication modules. I think other vendors will find ISA100 implementations to be easy. And because ISA100 Wireless products are interoperable, they can be used by any vendor in many markets.”

“Riken Keiki has a rich history in gas detection and life-safety systems, and we are pleased that they now offer wireless capabilities using ISA100 Wireless,” remarked Andre Ristaino, ISA100 WCI Managing Director. “We have been pleasantly surprised by the proliferation of ISA100 Wireless safety-related devices and applications like the Riken Keiki gas detector.”

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