Thursday 29 September 2016

Sensor for verification and inspection.

The new Boa Spot ID is a low cost identification vision sensor from Teledyne DALSA that combines 1D/2D code reading with OCR and verification tools for a host of product identification, verification and tracking applications. It can handle up to 45 parts/second. It is marketed by Stemmer.

Supplied with integrated lighting and choices of sensor resolution, lenses and software tools, Boa Spot ID can be used for part and product traceability, reading product codes to avoid labeling mix-ups, and validating product type, lot and expiration date codes. It can also be used to check that markings and label positions are correct and the presence or absence of features as well as checking assembly history at every stage of manufacturing.

The extraordinary flexibility of the Boa Spot ID enables the appropriate model to be matched to the application, based on the code reading requirements. The choice of 2 sensor resolutions, integrated red, white or blue LED ring lighting and 4 integrated lenses or 6-50 mm external C-mount lenses allows the field of view, magnification and reading distances to be precisely matched to the particular 1D and 2D code size and type.

The standard toolset provides fast, robust decoding of most 1D barcode and 2D matrix code symbologies and verifies the quality of the code against ISO/AIM industry standards. It reliably reads Data Matrix and QR codes even with damaged or missing finder patterns as well as poorly printed, low contrast, noisy, warped and damaged barcodes. It can also decode multiple barcodes in the same image. The expanded toolset includes an advanced algorithm which offers greater robustness for decoding marks etched or dot peened on plastic or metallic surfaces. The standard toolset can be field upgraded to the expanded version if required.

The expanded toolset also offers additional tools for applications that require more than just code reading. These include match, edge, verify and graphics tools. The Match tool is used to verify patterns such as logos or locate features on a product or package. The Edge tool is used for determining label position or alignment or to determine the number of products in a package. The Verify tool can be trained on a series of good samples in order to verify product features, such as labels or logos. It can also detect defects on labels caused by poor printing, ink stains, scuffs or tears. The Graphics tool enables text to be added to a runtime image for example to inform operators what to do in case of error.

The Boa Spot is a slimline integrated IP67 solution with flexible mounting options allowing it to be mounted in very small spaces. It provides versatile I/O for control and interfacing and built-in Ethernet factory communication protocols.

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