Monday 5 January 2015

Why choose Fluke?

Fluke has developed a new ‘Solution Centre’ portal on its British web site featuring Why Professionals Choose Fluke tools. This company produces some of the safest, most rugged, intuitive and accurate measurement tools in the world, and the portal illustrates why today’s professionals should choose to buy these products. The portal is frequently updated with new information, so users are recommended to add the link to their favourites list.

Broken down into 5 sub-sections, the Why Professionals Choose Fluke portal links to 4 video clips which provide detail under the following titles:
  • 1. Safe. Accurate. Reliable. The video discusses the importance of carefully choosing an instrument that will actually give the correct accuracy that the user needs.
  • 2. Designed by you. Fluke channels a lot of research and customer feed-back into the design of new products. The video illustrates how important it is to build in the features the customer wants.
  • 3. Increase your efficiency. This video provides insight into Fluke Connect, the innovative new wireless system which is featured on a wide range of Fluke tools. This enables professionals to save time and increase productivity by referencing and sharing equipment measurements, securely and privately from anywhere, using the Fluke Connect app.
  • 4. Prevent major problems. The clip explains how a Fluke thermal camera will identify hot spots in electrical equipment controlling, for example, industrial processes. The camera makes visible where future problems may occur, so they can be rectified before the system comes to a halt or a fire occurs.
  • 5. Dedicated training. This section offers registration with Fluke, who provide training and seminars to help professionals get more out of their Fluke tools. These sessions, held throughout the year around the country and Ireland, bring in-depth knowledge to provide greater success when using the tools, explain best practices and provide tips on facing today’s testing times for industries.

Other portals on this web site include Energy Efficiency and Preventive Maintenance.

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