Monday 26 January 2015

EDSA certification for field control processor!

The Schneider Electric Field Control Processor 280  has been certified to the ISASecure® Embedded Device Security Assurance (EDSA) certification.

“Schneider Electric is a founding strategic member of ISCI and a valued contributor to the ISASecure certification scheme,” stated Andre Ristaino, ISCI Managing Director. “We are pleased to congratulate Schneider Electric on its first ISASecure certification.”

The Field Control Processor 280 is Schneider Electric’s first product to be certified to the ISASecure Conformance Scheme. Schneider Electric now joins the growing list of industry leaders committed to the ISASecure control system certification scheme.

The Field Control Processor 280 is a distributed, optionally fault-tolerant, field-mounted process controller with alarming functions for Schneider Electric’s Foxboro Evo process automation system. As Schneider Electric’s latest-generation Foxboro controller, it contains a number of enhancements that reduce engineering effort, cost and footprint. The ISASecure® Embedded Device Security Assurance (EDSA) certification is a demonstrable indicator to Schneider Electric’s  customers that the company is committed to safety and security in their products. ISASecure assures that the Field Control Processor 280 is free of known cybersecurity vulnerabilities and robust against network attacks.

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