Monday 26 January 2015

Keeping food fresh!

A major manufacturer of climate-controlled food storage systems incorporates Michell’s I7000 humidity and temperature modules within their products to ensure the reliable temperature and humidity control.

Consumers’ demands for fine wines and for imported foods, such as out-of-season fruit or unusual cheeses, has given suppliers the challenge of storing and transporting perishable items effectively and with the minimum of wastage.

The I7000 Hygrosmart Relative Humidity and Temperature sensor provides highly reliable and accurate measurements of the key parameters for ensuring food is kept fresh and in good condition. The sensor is accurate to ±2%RH and to ±0.2°C and is gives long-term stability with less than 1% RH drift over a year to maintain the ideal storage conditions over time. The robust sensor’s small size makes it easily interchangeable. It has a simple ‘plug and play’ system, which means that users can maintain the accuracy of their RH and temperature measurements in the storage units themselves. The easy procedure, which is comparable to changing a lightbulb, takes only few minutes and is extremely cost efficient.

The customer saves time and money through using the I7000. All the I7000 modules are supplied from Michell fully calibrated, with a traceable calibration certificate. Previously the manufacturer’s staff performed calibrations and adjustments as part of the manufacturing process.

• Michell products are marketed in Ireland by Instrument Technology

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