Tuesday 27 January 2015

Launch of Wonderware R2 in Britain & Ireland!

Wonderware UK and Ireland, is supporting the launch of the ground-breaking Wonderware 2014 R2 with a series of free webinars and Wonderware in Practice demo events.

• 2014 R2 system overview: 28th January at 12.30
• 2014 R2 InTouch overview: 3rd February at 12.30
• 2014 R2 System Platform overview: 10th February at 12.30
• 2014 R2 Historian: 17th February at 12.30
Register here: click here

Wonderware in Practice Demo Event:
• 19th February at Wonderware UK, Cheadle

Register here: Click here
Wonderware 2014 R2, available exclusively via Wonderware UK and Ireland and represents a leap forward in the product’s evolution, delivering improvements to InTouch, System Platform and Historian.

Paul Alcock, Systems Architect at Wonderware UK and Ireland, said: “The latest Wonderware solutions deliver enhanced insight into real-time operations, whilst also providing new engineering efficiencies and best practice design, protecting customers’ investments now and into the future. The 2014 R2 release enables customers to have full control of operations whilst supporting continuous improvement and efficiencies.”

An exclusive first look at the product, which will push the boundaries of visualisation and operational intelligence, will be available to those who register for a series of free webinars and ‘Wonderware in Practice’ demo events.

The programme of events kicks off with a Wonderware 2014 R2 System Overview webinar on 28th January. The webinar will discuss the key development areas within the new release, including improved best practice in HMI Design and fresh out-of-the box content, further advancements to Situational Awareness tools, enhanced engineering usability and the introduction of comprehensive, system-wide standards for ultimate efficiency.

On 3rd February 2015, Wonderware will offer a live webinar on InTouch, detailing the further visualisation advancements that have been made to the product, including new ‘InTouch Modern Applications’ functionality, which allows for ArchestrA graphics to be produced within Windowmaker, eliminating the need to change environments, as well as enabling traditional InTouch windows to be converted into ArchestrA graphics. This will be followed by an overview of System Platform 2014 R2 on 10th February detailing its improved alarm management features and superior engineering workflow functionality.

The programme of webinars will conclude on 17th February with an overview of Historian 2014 R2 which delivers a five-fold improvement in storage performance over classic SQL server based storage and the capacity to store more than two million tags.

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