Thursday 8 January 2015

Highest-density module for connector family!

The new Han DD® Quad module from Harting is the highest-density module available in the company’s Han-Modular® industrial connector family.

The new module incorporates space for 42 Han D® contacts with crimp termination, allowing users to place around 25% more contacts in the same space. As a result, complete connector configurations can be realised in a smaller volume and more cost effectively than was previously possible.

The Han DD® Quad module is primarily designed as a signal interface, and features 10 A and 150 V electrical design characteristics. Since the UL working voltage can reach 250 V, the module may also be used in power supplies for industrial applications in conjunction with Harting’s Han® IP 65 connectors.

The new module’s use of high-quality LCP plastic gives it excellent fire protection properties and also makes it an ideal space-saving solution for applications in the transport sector.

With the Harting Han-Modular® series, users can assemble their own customised connector configurations to meet their individual application requirements. The Han-Modular® series is continually being expanded, and there are currently over 40 modules for electrical, optical and gaseous signals for a multitude of applications.

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