Monday 19 January 2015

Pencil-type contact sensors!

Enclosed in a cylinder measuring barely 8 mm in diameter, the novel head of the pencil-type GT2 Series sensor enables absolute measurements with an accuracy of 1 µm.

Keyence's GT2 Series contact sensors stand out for their 1 µm accuracy - ten times higher than that of competing products - and their 0.1 µm display resolution. Their ease of installation, thanks in particular to their broad range of accessories, makes the GT2 Series ideal for all types of industrial inspection applications. Keyence has now reached a new milestone. Keyence's GT2 contact sensor has been considerably slimmed down to the size of a pencil. Enclosed in a cylinder measuring barely 8 mm in diameter, the GT2 now fits in even the tightest inspection spaces.

Despite its slim size, this innovative sensor still features all the advantages that have made its reputation. The Scale Shot System II, the second generation of Keyence's proprietary measurement system, uses a receiver, a transmitter and a high-performance processor to allow the sensor to make high-accuracy absolute measurements. This technology uses a high-resolution CMOS sensor that rapidly scans the glass scale encased in the sensor head's slim body. This world-first detection technology reads patterns engraved on the scale to make absolute position measurements while overcoming the disadvantages of conventional methods.

Unlike the scale (pulse count) method, the Scale Shot System II technology eliminates measurement tracking errors caused by impacts and pre-operation origin-point adjustments. In addition, unlike with the differential transformer method, the resolution is stable throughout the measuring range and measurements are insensitive to temperature variations. This gives the GT2 pencil-type sensor unmatched absolute measurement capabilities in a pencil-thin body.

Its 1 µm accuracy and 0.1 µm resolution are all the more outstanding considering that the GT2 is designed to withstand harsh industrial environments. The sensor head is totally seamless (one-piece construction) and the relay connector and the cable (extremely oil-resistant polyurethane) comply with NEMA Type 13/IP67G protection standards. In other words, not only is the GT2 sensor waterproof and dustproof, it also resists oil splashes.

The sensor head also clears a detecting durability of 100 million cycles thanks to the long lasting linear ball bearings in the sensor spindle. This can greatly reduce maintenance costs and replacement efforts.

Keyence's range of amplifiers features a multi-head model that can accommodate up to five sensor heads for considerably greater ease of use. Up to 15 sensor heads connected to three amplifier units can be connected simultaneously to easily create multipoint measurement systems to measure shaft diameters or inspect properties such as flatness, slant, warpage and assembly. Communication units compatible with a wide range of industry standards make it possible to create larger systems. Constructing such systems is even simpler considering that, thanks to its dia. 8 mm body, the sensor can be installed, with the spindle fully extended, in any environment. The flange model can also be directly mounted by simply drilling a 10 mm hole.

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