Wednesday 17 September 2014

Consummables & Spare parts supplier in France

AdoptSMT France Sarl was set up in summer 2014 in order to be closer to the existing customers of AdoptSMT group and to win additional customers.

Frédéric Doré
Frédéric Doré is the field sales engineer bringing AdoptSMT’s complete range of consumables, spare parts, service, feeders and overhauled machines for the PCB Assembly process to the French customers. Mr. Doré has been working in the PCB Assembly Industry for many years, including a long period for an American leading manufacturer of PCB Assembly equipment. He is therefore well skilled in understanding the needs of his French customers – and also in translating this to international suppliers which AdoptSMT now represents in France.

He works from his home office in Normandy and gets supported from the office by Gaëlle Badufle.

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