Tuesday 16 September 2014

Semiconductor Data Book!

The latest Diotec Semiconductor Data Book and Selection Guide is now available from Transonics plc.

The Diotec Data Book Edition 24 covers the full range of semiconductors available from Diotec and many new products including;

  • Schottky Diodes with 150V reverse voltage withstand and up to 175°C junction temperature
  • TVS Diodes having 3000W peak pulse power
  • Axial Diodes offering 25A capability at up to 2000V
  • Schottky Diodes in a Power SMD package rated at 5, 10 and 15A at up to 100V
  • Superfast-Efficient Rectifier having rated at 1, 4 and 8A and up to 600V

Diotec Semiconductor AG is a specialist manufacturer of diodes and rectifiers with their HQ in Heitersheim, Germany and with additional manufacturing facilities in Europe, China and India. Applications for Diotec products include rectifiers in power supplies, diodes for signal processing and circuit protection devices; all critical components in modern electronic products.

The new Diotec semiconductor selection guide includes diodes and rectifiers, bridge rectifiers, diacs and HV-diodes, diodes and rectifiers in power packages and SMT mounting options, transistors and small signal diodes. The guide also includes a useful case cross-reference guide.

Daniel French, Managing Director of Transonics, comments, “Diotec is a high quality source for semiconductors and a very important franchise for Transonics. It forms a major part of our very wide component offering for the power conversion market which included microcontrollers, inductors and transformers, connectors and PCBs."

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