Wednesday 3 September 2014

Harsh but fair connector range!

Electroustic is now a franchised distributor for Amphenol Industrial, one of the undisputed leaders in interconnect systems for harsh environments. Electroustic stocks a variety of Amphenol Industrial connector products, including Ecomate and the RT360 and AT series. The products are specifically designed for rugged applications in harsh environments and can withstand extreme temperatures and vibrations.  

The partnership allows Electroustic to offer complete Amphenol solutions, by working alongside several of the company’s divisions. From electrical, electronic and fibre-optic connectors, to interconnect systems and coaxial and speciality cable, Electroustic can guide its clients from the earliest stages of a project through to completion and post-purchase servicing.

Ecomate circular industrial connectors come with 3+PE (Protective Earth) or 6+PE contacts and can be used for measuring and controlling applications, as well as power supply. Ecomate connectors come in a wide selection of shapes and housings made from premium moulding materials. Different models come with screw, solder and crimp termination, as well as a fastening for the protective caps of the receptacle housing. Ecomate products were designed for plant construction and machine building, which is why they have a particularly high ingress protection (IP) rating of 65/67.

Similarly, the versatile RT360 series includes multi-way circular industrial connectors available in six shell and 22 insert arrangements with a variety of wire gauge options. The series is designed to be compatible with other industrial connector families. Due to their high average current, small package size and proven robust design, RT360 connectors are a perfect match for the most demanding industrial and transport applications.

The high-performance AT series of connectors for automotive, heavy equipment, alternative energy, agricultural and other demanding interconnect architectures will also be distributed by Electroustic. The rectangular connectors come with superior environmental seals and are compatible with all existing standard products. 

“Amphenol Industrial’s 80 years of experience combined with Electroustic’s 50 year history in the electronics market, makes for a unique three-pronged partnership based on expertise, quality and performance,” explained Amy Wells, Electroustic’s business development manager. “Harsh environment work is a burgeoning market for us and a growing demand, which is why we’ve chosen to partner with another market leading business.”  

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