Friday 12 September 2014

Analyser manufacturer investing in new premises!

It is probably a sign of improving trading conditions that many manufacturers are ivesting in new people and premises throught the world. Here is another example!

In response to British customer demand SEAL Analytical has recently recruited new technical and sales support staff, and invested in new larger premises. The new Southampton facility includes a state-of-the-art method development laboratory, which will also be used for training and demonstrations, featuring advanced segmented flow analysers such as the AA3 and discrete analysers such as the AQ1, AQ2, and the new AQ400. The lab will also feature block digesters and automated sample/standards preparation equipment.

Sales Manager Nick Watson told us: “This initiative is designed to further improve the levels of service that we provide; our growth is dependent on the relationships that we build with our customers and this investment will help us to ensure that we meet or exceed customer expectations.”

Increased warehouse space will provide a greater capacity for on-demand parts and consumables, and there will be a larger area for maintenance and repairs.

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