Tuesday 23 September 2014

Additions to RFID portfolio!

The Simatic RF300 and RF600 radio frequency identification (RFID) systems portfolio has just grown to include new transponders in the HF (high frequency) and UHF (ultra-high frequency) range. The RFID offering also includes the ANT 3 antenna for tool identification.

ANT 3 for tool identification
can be connected to readers
RF250R & RF350R as
an external antenna.
The Simatic RF300 HF system family now includes the new compact 32Kbyte FRAM transponder Simatic RF330T. Measuring 30x8 millimeters, it can be either surface or flush mounted in the metal, making it suitable for the identification of metallic carriers, workpieces or containers. Its high IP68/x9K protection rating makes it suitable for use in hostile environments. Depending on the reader used, it achieves a read distance of up to 35 millimeters.

The RF600 UHF system range has been extended to include two new SmartLabels. Simatic RF640L, which has an IP67 protection rating, is a durable RFID adhesive label for demanding industrial applications. Its compact dimensions of just 50x22.5x1.6 millimeters allow the label to be used in assembly, production and logistics applications, and also for the durable identification of tools and containers for asset management. The on-metal label was developed for mounting on metal surfaces and has a read distance of up to 4 meters. The heat-proof SmartLabel RF690L with its high IP67 protection rating is an adhesive RFID label capable of withstanding hot environments with peak temperatures of up to +230°C, which can occur in applications such as painting lines. It is compact in design, with the European version measuring 88x25x1.6 millimeters and the USA version measuring 75x25.1.6 millimeters, and achieves a readworkpiece distance of up to 4.5 meters. Typical operating temperatures are anywhere between -25°C and +100°C.

Another addition to the tool identification portfolio is the new ANT 3 antenna, which connects externally to readers RF250R and RF350R. Measuring 50x28x10 millimeters, the low-profile design of the antenna allows highly precise positioning in the most restricted of spaces. Depending on the transponder and reader, it achieves a read distance of up to 50 millimeters.

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