Friday 12 September 2014

New industrial Ethernet switches!

Siemens is extending its portfolio of Industrial Ethernet switches to include new models of the Scalance XR-500 and Scalance X-200 managed product series.

High output coupled with low installation height
The new Industrial Ethernet rack switch Scalance XR524-8C forms the backbone of the production network while at the same time making suitable protocols for transition to office IT systems available. Equipped with 24 gigabit ports and integrated power supplies, the new switch will supple- ment the fully modular Scalance XR528-6M and Scalance XR552-12M models, which come with 28 and 52 ports respectively.
With its low installation height, the new Industrial Ethernet rack helps save space in the control cabinet. 
With its low installation height of just 1 Rack Unit(RU), the new Scalance XR524-8C helps save space in the control cabinet. Its fanless design and redundant power supply ensure a high level of availability. Eight of the 24 ports are configured as combo ports which use pluggable transceivers to allow optional electrical or optical use. An option for link aggregation also offers enormous flexibility in terms of optical connections. Layer 3 functionality can also be enabled using the opti- onal key plug.

The Scalance XR524-8C comes in product variants with different integrated power supplies.
The new Industrial Ethernet rack switch is compatible with all Scalance X switches and devices used for office IT. Like all Sca- lance XR-500 switches, Scalance XR524-8C can be integrated into all usual network management systems and the TIA portal for simple configuration and diagnostics.

New switch for challenging environmental conditions
Scalance X204-2LD TS managed
copes with mechanically &
thermally challenging environments. 
Scalance X204-2LD TS managed is suitable for applications involving exposure to mechanical and thermal stress. As well as an extended temperature range from minus 40 to plus 70 degrees Celsius, the new switch can also be used across an extended supply range from 12 to 32 V DC at a rated voltage of 24 V DC. The switch comes with EN 50155 approval and is capable of reliable operation in mechanically and thermally challenging environments, for instance in railway applications. The Industrial Ethernet switch has four electrical RJ45 ports with retaining collar and two optical BFOC ports (single mode) capable of bridging up to 26 kilometers.

As a Profinet IO device, Scalance X204-2LD TS can also be integrated into IO controller diagnostic functions. Another feature common to all the managed Scalance switches is the C- Plug swap medium, which stores all the relevant configuration data to enable the rapid exchange of devices in case of a fault. «

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