Tuesday 2 September 2014

Adapter & Fieldbus power supply module for hazardous area applications!

Power management company Eaton has an Ex ic adapter and fieldbus power supply module, the latest addition to its Crouse-Hinds division’s MTL line of FoundationTM fieldbus physical layer components. The new MTL F30 Ex ic adapter and MTL 9192-FP fieldbus power supply module provide users with a straightforward, dependable and convenient way of connecting field instruments to FoundationTM fieldbus networks in hazardous area applications.

“Our solutions help meet the growing and rapidly changing demands of customers working in Zone 2 hazardous areas,” said Roger Highton, MTL Product Line Manager, Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds Division. “By providing compatibility with Ex ic standards, our new line allows customers to maintain intrinsically safe practices when working on live, suitably certified field instruments in hazardous areas.”

The new adaptor is designed for use in conjunction with MTL F300 series Megablock wiring hubs. This product release makes it easier for users to demonstrate that their solutions fully comply with Ex ic requirements, while eliminating the need to declare host H1 systems as safety extra-low voltage/protected extra-low voltage (SELV/PELV) compliant. The new line also serves as the only available solution to use the same simple fieldbus input/output (I/O) and power supply cabinet design in general-purpose installations, reducing the number of cabinets required and helping to enhance safety.

The flexibility of the MTL F30 adaptor solution supports Ex nA, Ex d and Ex i devices on the same segment. The MTL F30 adaptors also provide a single solution for Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe Concept (FISCO) and Entity spur applications and eliminate the severe restrictions on segment length that are often associated with alternative solutions in FISCO applications. The new products are ideal for Zone 2 hazardous areas where gas, mist or vapours may be present.

MTL products, part of Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds portfolio, provide leading electronic instrumentation and protection capabilities for the process control industries. Key applications include intrinsic safety, fieldbus, industrial networking, surge protection, HMI and visualisation, gas analysis and alarm management.

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