Tuesday, 27 October 2009


High-spec CTD logger

The new OTT CTD is a professional datalogger for the measurement of water level, conductivity and temperature. With a memory capacity of 4MB (approx. 500,000 values) and capable of running on alkaline or lithium batteries, this high-specification instrument is capable of operating unattended for long periods.

Primarily designed for groundwater applications in wells from one inch diameter upwards, this instrument is equally well suited for surface water monitoring.

The water level measurement technology employed by the OTT CTD is robust and well-proven with thousands of loggers, such as the Orpheus Mini, currently in operation world-wide.

The inbuilt conductivity measuring cell can also provide data for salinity and total dissolved solids. Designed to meet the demands of a rugged field device, it meets all the requirements of hydrological data collection in saline and other challenging environments.

In order to provide reliable long-term monitoring data, high specification materials have been included in the OTT CTD design. These include a ceramic pressure sensor, high quality stainless steel housing (904l) for durability and corrosion resistance and a kevlar-strenghtened probe cable with an integrated compensating capillary tube.

The infrared interface facilitates quick and easy data collection, and simple, intuitive software is included for data display, export, configuration and calibration. A pump test facility is also included as standard.

Wireless data transmission of remote data is made possible with the addition of the OTT ITC which employs GSM/SMS or GPRS.
Commenting on the launch, OTT UK Managing Director Simon Wills said, "This new high specification instrument has been designed for people who need the most accurate and reliable technology, so we anticipate that the main customers will be regulators, water companies, consultants and researchers."

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