Thursday 22 October 2009

Ultra low-noise remote charge converter
Rugged two-wire design allows for broadband noise down to 5 μ Vrms, radiation up to 1.0 MRads

Endevco Corporation (Endevco®) has announced the launch of new model 2771C-XX, an ultra-low noise remote charge converter (RCC), designed for use with charge output piezoelectric sensors within mechanical system health monitoring, nuclear power plant/regenerative energy and environmental testing applications.

Model 2771C-XX offers a rugged two-wire (IEPE), single ended design that operates from constant current power (4-20 mA). Both RCC signal output and current to the RCC are carried along the same wire. Housed in a rugged, small package, the charge converter offers broadband noise range down to 5µ Vrms, with a frequency response of 0.4 to 50 kHz. Units are designed to withstand shock loads of up to 100g peak, and are radiation tested to 1.0 Mrads. With availability in three different fixed gains of 0.1 mV/pC, 1.0 mV/pC and 10 mV/pC, model 2771C-XX can also support TEDS (per IEEE P1451.4) for smart sensor and larger channel count applications, and also includes an available M1 Version with male BNC, to facilitate easy panel mounting.

Because of its low impedance voltage, signal output from model 2771C-XX is less susceptible to noise pick-up. Also, shunt capacitance of the cable connecting model 2771C-XX to the main signal conditioner does not significantly affect system noise or sensitivity. Because model 2771C-XX has the same envelope size as the industry-best selling Endevco model 2771B remote charge converter, it may also be used as a drop-in replacement, for legacy applications where lower noise is required.

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