Thursday 29 October 2009

Water quality

Finnish partnership to protect water quality

Intellitect Water has announced a new distribution partnership with Finnish environmental services company Sarlin for the highly innovative Intellisonde™ in-pipe water quality monitors.

This unit is designed to provide efficient access to water quality data and will now be distributed in Finland exclusively by Sarlin.

Developed to continuously monitor in-pipe water within drinking water distribution networks, the Intellisonde™ is a small water quality monitor that can be inserted into pressurised pipes to monitor up to 12 parameters.

Sarlin design and produce water quality monitoring systems for customers across a range of industrial sectors in Finland and have recently finished a comprehensive testing programme of this instrument.

Jari Kallio, Product Manager at Sarlin, believes that the appointment will help bring considerable improvements to water monitoring procedures across the country. He said: “We are delighted to be appointed as an Intellitect Water distributor. This is mainly because the drinking water sector in Finland will derive huge benefits from the visibility of water quality that the Intellisondes™ will provide. Not only will this help to ensure that tap water quality is maintained at a high level, but it will also help water treatment managers to improve the efficiency of their processes.”

In addition to the water industry, the Intellisonde™ is also able to provide online process monitoring data in the food and beverage, power, health, automotive, pharmaceutical, aerospace, biotechnology and research sectors.

Intellitect Water CEO Tony Halker added that the new technology will deliver substantial benefits for Finnish water authorities. He explained: "The ability to monitor water quality continuously in the distribution network provides vital access to tap water quality data and can lead to significant operational time and cost savings for virtually every industry.”

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