Thursday 22 October 2009

Torque Sensors

Torque sensors are compact, sensitive and robust

Kistler piezoelectric torque sensors have an extremely wide measuring range and are adaptable to match most configurations making them especially suited to manufacturing process monitoring. The sensors are available with measuring ranges ±1, ±10, ±25, ±200 and ±1,000Nm and all are suitable for torques from approx. 0.001 Nm.The torque sensors are supplied calibrated for 100 % and 10 % of the measuring range with additional calibration ranges available as an option.

Installation is very flexible as each sensor has an end flange with four or six threaded mounting holes and a centering seat for precise coaxial installation. A central hole allows a shaft to pass through the sensor. The high sensitivity, extremely rigid construction and compact dimensions of the sensors make them particularly suited to monitoring applications in assembly processes and product testing where rotary movements are involved. Typically, screw, bolt or nut tightening to specific torque, rotary potentiometer and switch testing and screw cap fitting.

As piezoelectric sensors are immune from fatigue and wear when properly used, their service life is virtually unlimited making them especially suitable for use as calibration sensors as well as for general torque measurement in both manufacturing and R&D applications.

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