Wednesday 21 October 2009

Display enhancement

New line of custom-bonded filters and optical enhancement layers
Enabling manufacturers to choose the right display enhancement for their unique needs.

Anders Electronics, market leader in innovative electronic device display experience optimisation, has announced the launching of its new line of TFT display enhancements.

Adding further value to the company’s UMR range of intelligent embedded display platforms, the new line includes the option of display enhancement solutions in addition to a choice of resistive or capacitive transparent touch input sensors. The display enhancement options include EMI filters (low ohm conductive coating or fine wire mesh layer) for EMI/EMC suppression, optical filters for controlling light emissions in the visible and infrared spectrums, and a variety of front-of-display finishes such as special polarisers for improved sunlight readability, retarders, EMI Windows, anti-reflective, and light control filters for privacy.

These enhancements are ideal for touchscreen displays, and are offered separately or in a custom-created stack configuration and either optically or air-gap bonded to the Anders TFT displays.

They are ideal for numerous commercial applications, such as security or point of sale (POS) devices requiring privacy filters, vending machines requiring heavy vandal-proof glass and sunlight readability, or noise sensitive medical devices that require enhanced readability and durability under frequent cleaning.

“Anders has always leveraged its in-house expertise in display optics, glass lamination and front of display surface treatments, in conjunction with display integration, to work with manufacturers consultatively,” said Rob Anders, CEO of Anders Electronics. “Now, we bring a whole new range of customisation options to the table, enabling us to offer a more complete user interface solution - saving our customers the time and effort of looking elsewhere for display enhancements or protective windows,” he continued.

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