Monday 26 October 2009

Pulse generators

Programming compatibility with Stanford Research's DG535

Quantum Composers now offers an easy upgrade option for SRS DG535 customers. Customers can now use their existing SRS DG535 programming language when upgrading to Quantum Composers' 9520 series. They now provide SRS Command Set Compatibility as a firmware option. This will aid customers in transitioning their programming software from the DG535 to the more fully featured QC9520.

The majority of these commands function identically to the SRS equivalent instrument capabilities. Several of these capabilities actually extend the functionality and/or the limits of the SRS equivalent capabilities.

The 9520 Series is cost effective, providing solutions to generate and synchronize multiple pulses and triggers for a wide variety of applications from simple to complex.

This series provides up to eight fully independent digitally controlled channels with width, delay, rate, and amplitude control on each output. For automated test sequencing, all common computer interfaces are available such as RS232, USB, GPIB, and Ethernet.

"This new firmware feature will significantly increase the efficiency of migrating from older antiquated equipment to an up-to-date more capable instrument" according to Senior Applications Engineer, Scott Fraser.

9520 Series compared with SRS Model DG535

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