Tuesday 27 October 2009


CISPR-compliant digital EMC/EMI receivers
Frequency range 10 Hz – 6 GHz;“Smart Detector” productivity booster dramatically improves test speed

TESEQ has introduced the Narda PMM 9010, a fully digital receiver covering the frequency range 10 Hz to 6 GHz. The PMM 9010 is the cornerstone of a system which grows together with the users’ needs. All EMC conducted measurements are be possible by simply upgrading the PMM 9010 with specific options, e.g. Click Meter, and accessories such as LISNs and probes This will allow the PMM 9010 to provide full compliance testing to any known international standard or proprietary specifications.

Practically maintenance free and exceptionally stable, the PMM 9010 EMI Receiver is the ideal solution for reliable measurements over a long working life. In the event of service being required simple to replace plug-in pre-calibrated subassemblies are available providing fast, cost effective repair in the event of damage to the RF front-end or similar events. This ensures the user minimum down time and ensures the calibration of the receiver.

Paul Dixon, Managing Director of TESEQ comments, “The PMM 9010 is a simple to use, flexible and portable EMC receiver offering a cost-effective, modular solution that will grow with user's needs. The PMM 9010 is easy to use for any kind of measurement as a stand-alone instrument, integrated in systems or driven by PC and features a proprietary 'Smart Detector' productivity booster feature designed to dramatically improve test speed.”

At the heart of the receiver is a state of art 30 MHz EMI Digital Receiver based on direct Analogue to Digital conversion with sophisticated computation. It offers calibration-free operation of almost all of its key components, i.e. RBW filters, detectors, demodulation, while the RF front-end is self-calibrated by the internal, precision RF signal generator.

Major features include, uniquely compact and lightweight at just 3.5 Kg. Hardware and firmware designed around the current EMC standards and simple to upgrade to future changes. Powerful digital Click Analyser with full compliance to latest CISPR 14-1 specifications. 1 (internal option) or 4 (external option) channels, frequency ranges from 10 Hz to 30 MHz; 3 GHz to 6 GHz. Full compliance with the latest edition of CISPR 16-1-1 standard, including RMS-AVG detector and APD function. All CISPR and MIL-STD-461E RBW filters are available. Integrated preamplifier and pulse limiter, built-in tracking signal generator up to 30 MHz Multimode functions, sweep, spectrum analyzer, scalar network analyzer, manual receiver, optical link between main and high frequency units, no aging of critical parts in the receiver that may cause degradation of measurement accuracy. Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic test modes, AC and battery powered for maximum flexibility

Teseq provides a traceable calibration certificate with each tester and accredited calibration services are also available from TESEQ calibration labs upon request.

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