Thursday 15 October 2009

Gas emission

Hired emissions analyser checks gas rig in Burma

Following the installation of a turbine on a natural gas rig off the coast of Burma, it was necessary for Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery (SITL) to analyse emissions from the turbine and a hired Testo 350 XL emissions analyser from Ashtead Technology proved ideal for the application.

Based in Lincoln (GB), SITL designs, manufactures, installs and provides life time support for gas turbines used in industrial power generation and the oil and gas industry.

Guy Simpson, Group Leader (Performance), explained that the Testo 350 was required to monitor levels of Nitric Oxide (NO) Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Oxygen (O2) and temperature on behalf of the client.

He said: “I have spent two periods in Burma over the last 12 months, during which time one of the main targets was to ensure that emissions from the gas turbines were at acceptable levels. The acceptance criteria were set by our client in line with their own global environmental standards. In this instance, we needed to monitor emissions from the exhausts of the two gas turbines.

“When it came to deciding how we would measure the emissions, we contacted Ashtead Technology because we knew that renting would be a more affordable option as opposed to buying monitoring instrumentation in the UK or Asia. We discovered that another benefit of renting was that the instrumentation arrived fully calibrated and ready to use. In addition, the technical advice we received from Ashtead before the project started was extremely useful.”

Employing smart sensor technology, the handheld Testo 350 provides compliance level accuracy. Battery powered with an internal datalogger and a built-in printer with touchscreen technology the instrument is ideal for applications that require portability. These include short-term industrial stack gas monitoring, combustion analysis and flue gas monitoring.

Alan Hasson, Ashtead Technology’s General Manager, added: “This application highlights the many benefits of renting emissions monitoring instrumentation, including significant cost savings and access to the very latest technology.”

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