Friday, 28 August 2009

10inch Screen

Inch High Resolution & Widescreen Graphic OITS
Offer More Speed, More Memory, and More Pixels For Less Money

Maple Systems is enthusiastically getting the word out on their three new 10 inch Graphic OIT models. These innovative 10 inch HMIs offer a substantial improvement in visual performance over standard interfaces. With a choice of Widescreen or High Resolution displays, these 10 inch models offer faster CPUs and enhanced graphic appeal and capability, and attractive pricing to help in budget conscious times.

The HMI5100N and HMI5100T (with Ethernet) are 10.2 inch widescreens that have a 400 MHz CPU with 128 MB of Flash and 64 MB of DRAM. Widescreen models offer 20 percent more usable screen area than the comparable standard 640 x 480 screen. That means more room to display application graphics – imagery that looks sharp and crisp on these 800 x 480 pixel 65K Color TFT displays. Indeed, these 10.2” Widescreens are an attractive option when you want the wider visual impact, but need the practical and functional capabilities of a larger HMI. Basically, you are getting more pixels, speed, and memory for less money.

With a display resolution of 800 x 600 pixels, the HMI5104XH is a 10.4 inch High Resolution Graphic OIT with a very fast 500 MHz CPU, 256MB of Flash and 256MB of DRAM. That’s enough power to speed through any application. And it will even run a video media player. This high resolution unit gives you the same pixel coverage as a 12 inch HMI – but it is all packed into the 10.4 inch unit –and at pricing that is more than attractive.
This 10 inch HMIs are offered at some of the best pricing in the industry. In addition, these graphic OITs come with a 2 year warranty and full technical support. Maple Systems is an industry leader with a 26 year track record of superior customer service.

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