Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Dairy NIR application

Constituent measurement and quality control
Outdated legacy system replaced with in-line near infrared analyser

ESE has announced that Rockview Farms of Downey (CA US) has chosen ESE's Q5i Near Infrared (NIR) In-line Analyser for improving quality control during the fluid milk standardization process. Rockview selected this system based on its fast and accurate testing, and increased control for measuring key constituent levels. Fluid milk production requires tight control over both fats and solids levels in order to meet FDA compliance requirements and ensure customer quality and safety.

Q5 Series Near Infrared Analyser
ESE's Q5 family of Near Infrared Analyser is designed to help manufacturers in the food and beverage industries test and measure food constituents in a lab environment or right on the production line. The Q5 NIR Series will analyse a batch in as little as five seconds, contains no moving parts to ensure sample accuracy and repeatability, and can sample multiple constituents without preparation or clean up work. The Q5i has no moving parts, sits right on the production line, and requires little to no maintenance.

"Heightened consumer expectations and the FDA require us to continuously review our quality standards and find better ways to measure constituents like fat and salt," stated Joe Lunzer, Plant Manager of Rockview Farms.
"With the implementation of the ESE Q5i Near Infrared Analsyer, we will further improve the quality of our milk products. their system allows us to monitor and control the batch on the production line every 5 seconds, without pulling a sample. And, it instantly informs us when a batch is out of tolerance before sending it downline. We expect to have our location using the new, advanced in-line technology in production by mid-September."

"We are very pleased that Rockview Farms has selected the Q5i Near Infrared Analyser as their technology for inline fluid milk standardisation," said Tom Walther, President of ESE. "We take pride in helping our customers manufacture the highest quality products. Like many other food manufacturers facing the need to replace legacy equipment, Rockview chose our advanced in-line technology for its ability to quickly and accurately test multi-constituents and receive results within seconds, as well as deliver a fast return on investment and immediate gains in operational efficiencies. With the Q5i NIR In-line Analyser system, Rockview will be replacing outdated, legacy in-line units which would have required costly parts and long lead times, and not offered the advanced technology found in today's Q5i solutions from ESE."

ESE will work with Statco, a leading distributer in the food and dairy industry, to complete the full implementation of Rockview's fluid milk standardisation technology.

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