Monday, 24 August 2009

Fastest PLC

The fastest PLC in the world
programmable with Step 7

With the VIPA “SPEED7 Technology”,system 300S is the fastest control system in the world programmable with STEP7 from Siemens. The maximum memory for program and data has already been integrated into the SPEED7 CPUs. The CPUs can be operated without an additional memory card. Depending on the CPU type, the integrated work memory can be expanded up to 8MByte with the VIPA Memory extension card as required. The VIPA 314SX instruction set equates to the set of the S7-400. Next to the high processing speed usual for SPEED7, this PLC was furthermore especially designed for a fast I/O reaction on digital and analog signals.

The analog I/Os located on-board stand out with a sampling rate of 100kHz. The update rate of the analog inputs and outputs has thus been increased by a factor of 25 compared to the current compact CPUs. From the user’s point of view there are only 40µs delay time between the signal change at an analog or digital in- or output terminal and the direct periphery access within the code.
The features of the integrated digital I/Os are impressive:

1. The maximum 4 counters can process AB tracks with up to 400kHz frequency and the digital outputs can put out a 400kHz signal.
2. Up to four channels can be active contemporaneously as either AB track counter, stepper control or puls-width modulation.
3. In addition to the cyclic interrupts of 250µs (OB28) and 500µs (OB29) that are available in all SPEED7 CPUs, this PLC provides the OB27 programmable from 25µs which can be re-parameterized at runtime. By means of this feature it is possible to carry out analog controls with up to 40kHz update rate and with algorithms programmable in STEP7!
4. On asynchronous events at a digital input the user program (OB40) can send out a reaction to an analog or digital output after only 10µs.

This makes the CPU 314SX the ideal solution for time critical applications which require shortest cycle times and a fast processing of signals.

This CPU is pin-compatible to Siemens controllers and can therefore be applied in combination with existing devices.

All CPUs in the System 300S are equipped with an Ethernet Interface for PU/OP communication. Perfect for connection to SCADA systems. A CP343 interface for TCP/IP communication has been integrated in the ‘NET’ CPUs. Because of its high performance and scalable memory, system 300S is especially suitable for mid to high range applications.

More about VIPA

Information from DC Automation who market these products in Ireland.

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