Saturday, 8 August 2009


Damped, low mass DC response accelerometer
for high reliability impact testing applications

Endevco has introduced Model 7264G, a patented, damped MEMS accelerometer for crash sled, rough road and other critical shock testing applications.

Model 7264G features a full bridge, with two fixed resistors to facilitate shunt calibration. Sensing elements are housed within a rugged, lightweight aluminum, for a total weight of just 1.4 grams. The light damping of the instrument enables the unit to attenuate resonance and minimize phase shift over the useful frequency range. Full scale output is 400 mV with 10 Vdc excitation. Units are available with less than 1% transverse sensitivity (“T” option) and less than ±25 mV zero measurand output (“Z” option). A uniquely advanced micromachined monolithic sensor design offers improved ruggedness, stability and reliability, with added damping capability.

The sensor delivers shock resistance of up to 10,000 g in any direction, with a range of +2,000 g full scale. With frequency response extending down to DC (steady state) and integral mechanical overrange stops, the accelerometer is ideal for any crash or shock application where measurement of long duration transients, with minimal mass loading and broad frequency response, are required. This includes non-automotive applications, such as in shipping container shock tracking, ejection seat and jack hammer testing.

Because Model it has the same seismic mass, center of gravity and bolt hole spacing as the industry best-selling Model 7264C-2K accelerometer, it may be used as a drop-in replacement for legacy applications, where damping capabilities are an added benefit. Model 7264G meets SAEJ211 and SAEJ2570 specifications for instrumentation for vehicle impact testing, as well as multiple other global automotive testing standards.

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