Friday, 14 August 2009

Ethernet switch

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Industrial Ethernet
This is the name given to the use of the Ethernet protocol in an industrial environment, for automation and production machine control.
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HardwarePT - Industrial Computing.
HardwarePT is an Industrial Automation Hardware business offering a comprehensive range of world-class industrial computing and connectivity tools to the Industrial Automation market in the Britain and Ireland. The company, which is located in Cheadle, was set-up in March 2007 and is a division of SolutionsPT Ltd which has over 20 years experience in supplying Industrial Automation Solutions. Product range includes: Industrial Computers, Panel PC's, Flat Panel Computers, Embedded Computers, Touch Panel Computers, Industrial Ethernet Switches, Network Interface Cards, High Availability Servers and Hardware Support.

Industrial Ethernet switch added to product portfolio

HardwarePT, a division of SolutionsPT Limited has added Advantech's EKI-4654R, an IEC61850-3 compliant managed Ethernet switch for grid automation applications to its product portfolio. IEC61850-3 certification ensures environmental and EMI immunity of network devices used in substations and allows the EKI-4564R to be interconnected with a myriad of devices, providing reliable consistency in power & energy applications.
The EKI-4654R features 24 10/100Base-T Ethernet ports and two 1000Base-T SFP slots and has a wide range of redundant power inputs (2x 100~240 VAC/100~240 VDC) allowing connection to two separate power supplies, guaranteeing operation in the event of sources going offline. In addition, the dual connections can be used to connect multiple managed switches in a self-healing ring configuration, which provides a secondary communication path in the event that the primary is interrupted.

In addition to an open standard Spanning Tree (SFP) and Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP), the EKI-4654R also supports Advantech’s ultra-fast X-Ring, which guarantees recovery in less than 10ms. Furthermore, the EKI-4654R features the “Dual X-Ring” technology, allowing it to be a hub for an existing X-Ring, so that users need only one switch to link redundant rings.

The EKI-4654R has many advanced features such as: IP security, VLAN, QoS, Port Mirroring, MAC security, IGMP Snooping, Port Trunking, CoS/TOS, email warnings, SNMP Trap, and SMTP. For user access control, the EKI-4654R supports port-based IEEE 802.1x user authentication from a centralized RADIUS server.

The EKI-4654R is fanless with a 1U size, rear-end wiring, an LED indicator, front panel LEDs, and high port density providing simple management and easy maintenance.

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