Monday, 3 August 2009

Atomic Absorption

New entry level flame AA spectrophotometer

Analytik Jena has launched the novAA® 350, a robust, simple to use flame-only atomic absorption spectrohotometer with the performance of a high-end system. Designed for daily laboratory usage, the new model features an automatic 8-lamp turret utilising high intensity hollow cathode lamps with a significantly improved lamp power supply for better performance and speed of analysis.

It is a fully automated flame system which is available for single beam or double beam operation. The high quality optics from Carl Zeiss have a unique special covering for protection against the most aggressive laboratory environments. The well-established D2 HCL background correction method ensures accurate analyses can be carried out even on samples with the most difficult matrices.

A built-in Self Check System utilizes a multitude of sensors to monitor key safety-relevant parameters such as gas flow, the burner and the siphon for contamination residue to ensure safe operation of the instrument. The flame is automatically extinguished in the event of a power failure.

A number of optional accessories can be used to further enhance performance. For large sample throughputs, a unique autosampler is available with intelligent online dilution. This provides automatic dilution of samples down to a factor of 1: 625 to eliminate errors associated with manual dilution. If concentrations exceed the calibration range, an automatic clean control prevents contamination of the subsequent samples.

For samples with particularly complex matrices, accessories such as the SFS6 injection unit or the Scraper can be of great benefit. The software controlled SFS6 injection system provides continuous cleaning and flushing of the burner heads to extend the available working time with samples with high matrix or salt contents. The Scraper is an intelligent software-controlled cleaning device for use with nitrous oxide flames. It automatically removes graphite deposits from the burner slot, ensuring continuous and reproducible measuring cycles for routine analysis and avoids the need to shut down the flame for cleaning.

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