Thursday, 30 July 2009

magnetostrictive transducers

Magnetostriction; Principle, Technology, and How it Works!

Triple redundancy tranducers offer extreme accuracy and reliability

Transducer specialists RDP Electronics' MTS Temposonic range of magnetostrictive transducers now extends to versions for double or triple redundancy for astonishing accuracy and exceptional levels of reliability.

The Temposonics series of transducers very accurately measure the position of the ring magnet along the metal tube. They are frequently used inside hydraulic cylinders to measure the position of the cylinder. The GT2 and GT3 series retain the same dimensions as the standard G series magnetostrictive MTS transducers making installation in hydraulic cylinders equally straightforward, or indeed for use in general measurement of displacement in automation and control applications. At the heart of the magnetostrictive contactless technology is the wave guide which is duplicated in the GT2 version to provide two independent measuring systems within a single housing. The GT3 takes this a stage further with three systems within the same 10 mm diameter rod which is pressure rated to 350 bar (700 bar peak). Both the GT2 and GT3 Series are available with analogue outputs that include standard 0~10V, ±10V, and 4~20mA and 0~20mA ranges. Thanks to the built in duplicate or triplicate redundancy of the independent measuring systems within a single standard size housing, applications calling for high levels of accuracy with an extraordinary level of reliability can now count on the GT2 and GT3 to deliver the solution.

MTS Temposonic magnetostrictive transducers are available from RDP Electronics Ltd in Britain and Ireland

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