Thursday, 23 July 2009

Small low-pressure sensor

Gems Introduces New Compact, Low Pressure Transducer

Gems® Sensors & Controls™ has launched the new 3300 series pressure transducer. The 3300 series transducer is designed for low pressure applications that demand small size and low cost along with high accuracy and stability. The 3300 Series pressure transducer is well suited to applications such as chemical sterilizers, autoclaves, pneumatics, HVAC&R, pumps & compressors.

This pressure transducer is the newest addition to the highly successful 3100 and 3200 series transducers, bringing a versatile low pressure capability to the product line and opening up a host of new applications across a number of different industries. All stainless steel wetted parts and all welded construction make the unit compatible with harsh chemicals and environments. In addition, the unique temperature compensation at source technology delivers outstanding temperature stability.

The series is available in pressure ranges from 1 to 16 bar and is capable of operating over a temperature range of -40°C to 125°C. Available in voltage, current, and ratiometric outputs, with a wide selection of connectors, pressure fittings and mating connectors makes the 3300 suitable for many applications without modification.

“Key benefits of the 3300 series transducer for our OEM customers are its low pressure capabilities, compact size, low cost, stainless steel wetted parts and an all welded construction”, says Sitara Hultman, Product Marketing Manager for Gems Sensors and Controls.

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