Wednesday 29 July 2009

Metals analysis

New lab application for cost-efficient metals analysis

Cogent Environmental has developed a new test cell, the 'SV Labcell', for use with company's market leading portable metals analyser, the PDV 6000plus. The SV Labcell provides lower levels of detection and greater flexibility in analytical methodology, effectively turning the PDV 6000plus into a precise analytical laboratory instrument.

It is a portable metals analyser that provides fast, cost-effective analysis of solid or liquid samples for a range of metals including Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Copper, Zinc, Mercury, Chromium and Nickel. The SV Labcell adds molybdenum, uranium and other metals to this list and permits the use of bismuth film techniques removing the need for mercury film electrodes.

Many hundreds of these instruments are in use world-wide because operators have a need to be able to produce fast results without having to incur the cost and time delays of laboratory analysis. However, laboratory analysis is often required when lower levels of detection are required, for regulatory purposes, in research or in circumstances which demand a broader range of measurands.

Traditional laboratory equipment for the analysis of metals, such as ICP or GFAA, can be expensive to purchase and operate, requiring a high level of expertise. In contrast, the PDV 6000plus with an SV Labcell is relatively low cost, simple to operate and capable of producing high quality data.

Explaining the appeal of the new system, Cogent's Martin Butterfield says, "The development of the SV Labcell will enable our customers to produce data with much greater precision and resolution easily meeting the requirements of the majority of practical applications and turning the PDV6000plus into a powerful research tool - all at a much lower cost."

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