Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Plan adherence reporting

New Provideam OEE service pack adds Plan Adherence Reporting

Provideam OEE Monitoring Software is Ireland's leading solution for collecting and analysing yield and downtime data. To maintain it’s leading position Provideam is regularly updated with new features and enhancements. Service Pack 3.6 has just been released and includes many great new features, such as Manual Data Entry and Plan Adherence Reporting.

The new Provideam Manual OEE Module allows users to enter data collected manually from production machines and to analyse this data in an easy to use intranet application. The Provideam Manual OEE Module has many advantages over paper-based or Excel-based approaches including;

  • Multiple simultaneous users
  • Analysis of data over any period – shift, day, week, month etc.
  • Robust reliable database data storage

To get a preview of the module they provide a training video.

To celebrate the launch of our new Manual OEE Module they are offering 50 complimentary licences to use the Provideam OEE Monitoring System. These licences will entitle you to use Provideam to analyse data from 2 machines. To win a licence you simply need to be amongst the first 50 to register for the Provideam Newsletter here. Winners will be notified at the time of the release.

The new Provideam Plan Adherence Module allows companies to fill the information deficit between Planning Departments and Operations Departments. The module enables users to monitor production performance versus a planned schedule and also to predict the start and completion dates of future orders.

There are two aspects to the Planning Module, 1) Data Entry and 2) Reporting.

    1) The Data Entry section enables users to enter current and future Work Orders / Production Requests. These Work Orders can be entered manually or imported via CSV or script. (Support for ISA 95 Messaging will follow in due course)

    2) The Reporting section enables users to create Gantt Chart Style reports which indicated the actual, targeted and predicted start/end times of each of the Work Orders for specific period ranges.

The Provideam Plan Adherence Module is an excellent low cost alternative to MES for Production Plan Adherence.

Provideam is a fully automatic (and now manual) OEE Monitoring Solution. Both automatic and manual Machines can be analysed in a wide variety of reports and views. Provideam can be used to monitor from 1 to 100s of Machines.

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