Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Historian process video

Process Historian added to Video System
By integrating with the process historian from Canary Labs, Longwatch can not only display all the data from an event, it can show video of what happened out in the plant.

Longwatch has announced a bi-directional OEM agreement with Canary Labs. The Longwatch Video Historian now offers Canary Labs Trend Historian and Trend Link software that enables users to link video with plant data. Together, the two systems archive all the relevant information—video and real-time data—from a process or automation system, making it much easier for plant operators and engineers to analyze events, alarms and actions.

When video cameras are situated to monitor process or automation operations—such as assembly lines, inspection stations, machine tools, pumping stations, tanks or similar systems—video from the cameras is stored along with real-time data from the process. If an alarm occurs, or operators want to analyse problems with a system, both the archived trend data and video can be “replayed” and displayed simultaneously using the Longwatch Viewer software. This allows operators and engineers to see all of the pertinent process data from the historian, plus view video of the process equipment, at the same points in time.

The Longwatch Video System can acquire video from both analog and digital cameras throughout the plant. Video data can be sent over existing plant networks, wireless or cellular links to a central server in the control room, where it can be viewed on HMI/SCADA workstations. Video can be viewed live, attached to an alarm message as a short “snippet,” or archived in the server along with real-time process data.

Canary’s Trend Link chart object, integrated into the Longwatch Video Historian for automatic visual synchronization of trend charts and video, can interface to other historical data archives using OPC-HDA. Similarly, the Canary Labs Trend Historian collection engine can obtain real-time data directly from PLCs, RTUs, data acquisition systems, DCSes, PC-based control systems, and other smart systems via OPC interfaces.

Video makes analyzing past events and trends much easier than simply looking at raw data and reports on a screen.

“Canary Labs has enabled us to make initial installations of our new Video Historian very easy and very capable,” said Steve Rubin, President and CEO of Longwatch. “Our Video Historian has received a great deal of interest from early adopters, and the inclusion of the scalable and powerful trend engine from Canary makes the product that much more valuable,” Rubin said.

“We’re pleased to be working with the innovative team at Longwatch,” stated Gary Stern, president of Canary Labs. “The engineering teams in both companies have a rich and successful history of satisfying the needs of industrial customers. With this relationship, we’re able to take the application of our product families to new levels and new applications,” he added.

The Canary Labs historian and trending component is part of the “Starter Pack” of Longwatch’s Video Historian software.

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