Friday, 21 August 2009

IR Camera

Smart long wave infrared camera

Smart cameras come to the world of infrared imaging with the new Xenics Gobi-384 compact LWIR camera from Stemmer Imaging. The affordable Gobi-384 features a unique on-board digital signal processor for improved real-time image processing. The Gobi offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of frame rate, user interface and temperature range, enabling the user to adapt it to various industrial settings and tasks.

This compact smart camera can be readily fitted into industrial environments for process control and used as an IP network camera or directly connected to a PC or video monitor. Other applications include R & D and medical imaging.

Operating in the 8-14 micron wavelength range, the Gobi-384 camera can detect temperature differences as small as 0.05˚C. The 384 x 288 pixel uncooled a-Si microbolometer detector array offers a 44% higher pixel count than other systems based on the same detector technology. The Gobi-384 is fully compatible with Thermography Studio™ software for dynamic analysis and recording. Thermography Studio features a library of powerful tools that enable the sophisticated analysis of thermal behavior for a wide range of objects and materials.

The camera offers flexibility of control and interfacing. It has both Ethernet (TCIP/IP) and CameraLink interfaces. A frame rate of up to 50 fps can be achieved over a a standard 100 Mbit Ethernet connection. A software development kit supporting C++, Visual Basic, LabView or Linux allows flexible programming in an open architecture. The Xeneth Advanced GUI allows live image view, storing of digital images and movies, digital zoom and selection of a region of interest, as well as display of data such as image histograms and line profiles.

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