Monday, 3 August 2009

Electronic measurements acquisition

LEM announces the acquisition of Danfysik ACP A/S

LEM the market leader in providing innovative and high quality solutions for measuring electrical parameters, has acquired the Danish company Danfysik ACP A/S. The deal is a strategic bolt-on acquisition in order to strengthen the position of the LEM Group in the field of very high precision current measurements.

Danfysik ACP (Advanced Current Products) is the world’s leading company in the development and manufacturing of highest precision current transducers for three main markets: medical scanners, precision industrial motor controls and test & measurement. LEM has acquired the transducer activity with a turnover of CHF 7.6 million in 2008 and 15 employees. The company is based near Copenhagen, Denmark. The acquisition was finalized for an undisclosed amount.

Paul Van Iseghem President & CEO of LEM (picture right) said: “Danfysik and LEM can already look back at a successful 12 year relationship. We are taking advantage of this strategic bolt-on acquisition to create a new focus on the high precision current transducers market.”

Soeren Rathmann, Chairman of the Board of directors of Danfysik ACP; “We have been very satisfied with the development of Danfysik ACP, however the strategic fit to LEM has always been obvious and we believe that the company now has found its right home.”

The product range covers transducers for nominal current measurements from 12.5 A to 25 kA providing overall accuracy at +25°C from 1 ppm. Thermal offset drifts are extremely low, from only 0.1 to 2.5 ppm/K. Models from 12.5 A to 60 A nominal can be used for PCB mounting, models from 60 A to 25 kA are for panel or rack mounting.

To obtain these exceptional performances, Closed Loop Fluxgate technology has been used coupled with a top class current transformer. This combination enables high accuracy, dynamic performance and a wide measuring range.

Featuring galvanic isolation, all components can be used for current measurement of any kind of waveforms (including DC, AC, mixed and complex) without any contact to the conductor.

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