Wednesday 23 August 2017

Taking the strain out of USB strain modules!

The FSU-SSB innovative fast USB strain module has been released by Mantracourt Electronics.

Aimed at the precision-orientated Test & Measurement sector, the very competitively priced FSU-SSB is designed to thrive when coupled with dynamic, fast-moving applications that require ultra-high speed measurements. The benefits of the device are certain to be invaluable in the areas of impact, drop, vibration, materials and non-rotational torque testing.

The FSU-SSB simply connects to a PC (via a USB port) and offers a host of features that are sure to make it the go-to product in the field. It’s seriously fast, taking 4800 samples per second, and hugely reliable with a temperature drift of only 5ppm/°C – a fraction of that demonstrated elsewhere in the sector. Accuracy is key with this speedy (and simple to setup) product. A non-linearity reading of 25 ppm sets the FSU-SSB way ahead of the pack – providing unparalleled peace of mind (and value for money) to users.

“Accuracy and precision are what we do best, here at Mantracourt,” says Kelly Voysey, Sales & Marketing Manager at Mantracourt. “We’re always pushing the envelope, and with the FSU-SSB we’ve redefined what exactitude can mean in this sector.”

The device is based on the popular USB strain module (the DSCUSB) which combines high stability and superior performance at a lower rate of 100 samples per second. The DSCUSB remains a perfect choice for lower speed applications.
The FSU-SSB’s operating system builds on the strengths of its predecessors to offer superior functionality and user-friendliness. The Toolkit is free to customers – a gesture that shows the importance Mantracourt places in maintaining life-long relationships.

The powerful, intuitive, feature rich, Toolkit has many outstanding elements. It gives real-time data-analysis, automatically calibrates and captures up to 30 minutes of data at 4800 samples per second. Innovative Scope, FFT frequency analysis allows users to visualise data and establish patterns. The Toolkit’s intuitive navigation and features, combined with key functionality (such as the ability to highlight data of interest and delete unwanted data), confirm the FSU-SSB’s position as the one to beat.

“We’ve been leaders in this field for over 40 years. We constantly invest in people, skills, equipment and product development. That cycle is a central part of our DNA. By obsessively paying attention to details and working closely with our clients, we maximise efficiency. That’s why we can produce products like the FSU-SSB at such a great price.”

The FSU-SSB is just the latest in a long list of innovative products that Mantracourt is justifiably proud of. “The uniquely productive ecosystem we’ve set up, here in the south-west of England,” says Kelly Voysey, “means we’ve taken the strain out of USB strain modules!”

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