Friday 25 August 2017

Safety programmable loop display.

The SIL 3 capable SLD Functional Safety Programmable Loop Display for use in Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) has been released by Moore Industries. The SLD has been certified by exida® with full Functional Safety approval after rigorous evaluation to ensure conformance with strict IEC 61508 standards for safety-related applications.

The SLD is part of the FS Functional Safety Series family and the loop-powered SLD provides reliable and accurate display of real-time process status in mA, percent, or any designated 5-character Engineering Units (EGU). Built for Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF), the SLD can be taken out of the loop with the –LMD option (Loop Maintenance Diode) without affecting the integrity of the safety function.

The SLD Functional Safety Programmable Loop Display is DTM programmable with user oriented basic configuration for fast and accurate setup. The SLD can be programed with any FDT compliant host or program such as PACTware utilizing Moore Industries’ DTM and USB communication cable. DTM programmability allows the SLD to be custom scaled to display percent or scaled directly in engineering units to show process measurements such as pressure, temperature, level, or flow. Additional settings for display such as span, zero, input range, display range, and filtering frequency are easy to program. The free software allows users to select square root or linear curve from the library, or quickly create a custom one or even import a curve from Microsoft Excel.

The SLD flexibility doesn’t end there; it is loop-powered using less than 2.3 Volts, includes robust RFI/EMI protection and has an easy-to-read display with two rows of large characters. With 360 degree mounting, the SLD can be mounted at any angle in almost any environment using one of the Moore Industries’ explosion-proof and flameproof housings..

SIL 3 capable third-party certified SLD Functional Safety Programmable Loop Display is the perfect reliable solution to accurately display process status in a safety loop. The SLD has superior accuracy reading any 4-20mA signal, displays information with phenomenal accuracy of ±0.012% of input scale, and flexible enough to mount anywhere. The SLD continues to support Moore Industries’ reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction with exceptional accuracy and long-term stability with up to 5 years between scheduled calibrations.

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