Friday 25 August 2017

Insights into cybersecurity!

It seems like every week we hear the name of a new, devastating cyber attack. Names like ‘Wannacry’, ‘Petya’ and ‘Stuxnet’ may not mean much at first, until it’s your plant that is affected by these increasingly frequent attacks. That’s why,  an ISA publication, has compiled the extensive Cybersecurity eBook - Advancing Automation-Cybersecurity Insights.

They've been working with leaders from across the industry to deliver a detailed guide to help organizations secure industrial networks and control systems, as well as make forward-looking security decisions to protect the facility before the next attack happens.

This ebook includes:

  • Owl Cyber Defense Solutions’ detailed guide on how to secure your organization when you can’t use patches
  • Indegy’s article discussing the necessary practices to protect your industrial networks and IIoT technology
  • Ultra Electronics 3eTI’s expansion of the US Department of Homeland Security’s 7 strategies for Industrial Control System (ICS) defense
  • Belden’s big picture discussion on who truly owns organizational responsibility for cyber defense strategy

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