Thursday 24 August 2017

Ethernet line extender!

Within critical infrastructure applications the loss of data communication at any point is not an option and therefore network resilience is becoming increasingly important. Supporting this demand for network reliability, Westermo has launched a new version of its proven Wolverine Industrial Ethernet Line Extender that includes functionality that helps to overcome both power and unit failure.

The Westermo Wolverine DDW-142-12VDC-BP Industrial Ethernet Line extender is based on SHDSL technology and enables existing copper cables to be used to create Ethernet IP-based networks. This helps to achieve significant time and cost savings when installing new communication networks.

Because old cable networks were rarely installed with resilient data paths in mind, there is a potential risk when using these as part of a modern IP-based network. Should a unit suffer a power failure, the Wolverine Line Extender’s integrated bypass relay short-circuits the two SHDSL interfaces allowing a renegotiation between adjacent extenders; this allows communication to be restored automatically.

In addition, the Westermo Wolverine series offer `power failure resiliency’ ensuring continued network operation in the event of a primary power failure. A dual power supply is now complimented by a 12 VDC option, which enables a battery to provide the power supply redundancy. The transition between primary and secondary power is immediate and seamless, ensuring maximum network uptime.

The DDW-142-12VDC-BP enables networks to be created over distances of up to 15km, offering data rates of over 15 Mbits/s on a single twisted pair cable. Bonded pairs double this rate to over 30 Mbit/s. An integral switch enables two Ethernet devices to be attached and a further RS232 port ensures legacy equipment can be incorporated into an IP network.

The DDW-142-12VDC-BP is very easy to install, with no configuration required for basic applications and a web interface to support simple configuration for more complex networks. The device is ideal for basic point-to-point or multidrop networks in applications where failures can result in significant costs. The WeOS operating system supports secure and resilient multimedia ring networks.

The unit offers exceptional reliability and is certified for installation in environments with high levels of vibration and extreme temperatures such as those found in rail, marine and the utility applications.

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