Friday 11 August 2017

Evenly-illuminated switch keycaps.

Multitron has announced the ex-stock availability of four ranges of full-face, evenly-illuminated switch keycaps, utilising MENTOR's world-leading Light Guide expertise. The faces of the switch caps are precision-designed area light guides, providing totally homogeneous illumination with no hot-spots, despite using just two SMD LEDs. The majority are available ex-stock and at low MOQs.

The keycaps incorporate a novel 3-part SMD switch design for flexible solutions. The conventional design approach is to specify an "all-in-one" component supplied as a complete illuminated switch assembly. MENTOR's novel solution offers the illuminated cap separately from the switch and LEDs.

This design approach offers almost limitless flexibility in terms of mixing and matching switch cap types to produce complex panels, and the use of RGB LEDs allows an infinite choice of switchable colours from a single illuminated switch.

The Illuminated Switch Caps have been Patented - the ground-breaking design is the result of MENTOR's near 100-year legacy in the manufacture of electronic components, allied with their position as world-leaders in high-precision light guides and optics. A One Minute Video Overview of the product ranges is available.

The four ranges include illuminated switches, illuminated status indicators, “spot” status indicators, low-profile illuminated switches and illuminated switches with text/graphic inserts.

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