Thursday 17 August 2017

Automatic data collection using Ethernet connectivity!

Gemini Data Loggers has announced its new Plus LAN data loggers. Plus LAN loggers collect data automatically: they plug into a network point and send data directly for viewing in the Tinytag Explorer Connect software – an easy to use Windows program – by any permitted user on a network.

They monitor across multiple locations with the data viewed at the convenience of the user’s own desk. Loggers in the range record temperature, relative humidity, and also low voltage, current and count inputs, making them ideal for use with third party sensors to record properties such as pressure, flow rates and footfall. A choice of accompanying thermistor, PT100 and PT1000 probes means they are suitable for specific monitoring applications.

Plus LAN loggers can be mixed and matched with existing Tinytag Radio indoor and outdoor data loggers within a system to meet particular site layout and infrastructure requirements. They are ideal for applications where radio signals may be problematic due to network range or physical obstructions. For example, LAN loggers can be used in metal-lined walk in fridges/freezers, or where a remote monitoring point is required outside the range of an existing Radio System, wherever a convenient network point is available.
Plus LAN loggers are powered through their LAN connection using a plug-in Power over Ethernet (PoE) adaptor and have battery back-up for reliability if this should fail. As with the Radio loggers, LAN loggers will keep recording locally in the event of communications problems, and will transmit their data once the connection is restored. Immediate alarm notifications are generated if conditions fall outside user-defined limits.

• TinyTag loggers are marketed in Ireland by Manotherm
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