Tuesday 4 July 2017

Communicating with BACnet or KNX.

Two new gateways connecting factory automation equipment to building automation systems – Anybus Modbus to KNX gateway and Anybus Modbus to BACnet gateway, have been released by HMS Industrial Networks. The new gateways enable industrial devices using Modbus to communicate on building systems using KNX or BACnet.

As BACnet and KNX are increasingly being used in buildings and infrastructure installations, there is an increasing demand for integrating industrial devices that communicate on Modbus into these networks. Therefore, HMS now presents Modbus-to-KNX and Modbus-to-BACnet gateways, which act as translators, allowing Modbus RTU, ASCII and TCP-devices to show up as individual KNX or BACnet-compliant devices in a building automation network. This enables central KNX/BACnet control and supervision of Modbus devices such as drives, HVAC controllers and measuring equipment in building installations.

Making system integration easier
“These new Anybus gateways give system integrators and facility owners more flexibility as they can now integrate Modbus devices in KNX or BACnet systems as well,” comments Christian Bergdahl, Product Marketing Manager at HMS. “The gateways are also a good fit for machine builders who want to offer their products to the Building Automation market. Building Automation is a fast-growing sector and we see a lot of demand for connecting industrial devices to building systems for supervision and control. Accordingly, we are very happy to be able to offer these two gateways, adding to the over 300 Anybus gateways already available for system integration.“

How the gateways work
The gateways offer a very straight-forward integration process. Modbus RTU slaves are connected to the serial port of the gateway, while Modbus TCP devices are connected to the Ethernet port. On the KNX or BACnet side, the gateways appear as simulated devices in the KNX or BACnet system.

Configuration is made in the Windows-based Anybus Configuration Manager (MAPS) tool. Commissioning and troubleshooting is also made also using this tool.

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