Tuesday 4 July 2017

Drive system configuration tools.

NORD Gear has recently released its new online product configuration tool that covers practically all of the information, add-on options and selection criteria required to size, specify, purchase and integrate the manufacturers broad range of geared motors, motors and drive electronics.

Smartphone or desktop users visiting their website can follow an intuitive process, with ample help callouts, tooltips and illustrations that progress the user from initial performance, product family and environmental requirements to complete ready-to-order product selection - with PDF data sheet downloads and a variety of NORDCAD compatible 3D models and dimension sheet downloads (Step, Sat, Iges, Dxf etc.). When selection is completed the ‘Request Quote’ feature includes provision for optional notes and application specifics for fast-track pricing through direct email contact with the NORD application engineering team.

The fully revised online configuration software expands to options such as mounting design, gear box options and lubrication for geared motors or choice of fieldbus network, integral features and accessories for drive electronics. Even gearmotor paint specifications are explored and listed for consideration. Motor power ratings for geared motors range from 0.12 to 200 kW whilst the output torque spans 10 Nm to 100,000 Nm. Unlike many competitive drive configurators available on the market, the specific performance ratings include the precise value for Service Factor, Radial and Axial Loads for much more defined application sizing. Design engineers, machine builders and system integrators who wish to explore the innumerable features of the new software are encouraged to experiment as there is no obligation to complete enquiry forms before use.

Once a specific product type has been selected, the comprehensive data driven software automatically adds available features through a series of tick boxes whilst ‘Read More’ tips indicate alternative available options. Throughout the selection process ‘Information Icons’ can be clicked for detailed descriptions - many with images or graphical illustrations that clarify criteria such as mounting position, mounting design, shaft style, materials and more. As the user moves through the process, ‘Warning triangles’ indicate which specification elements need to be addressed to complete the selection.

The comprehensive range of NORD DRIVESYSTEMS products that are accessible through the configurator includes, but is not restricted to, BLOCK helical inline, parallel shaft, helical bevel and worm geared motors; NORDBLOC.1 helical inline and helical bevel geared motors; and UNIVERSAL SI and UNIVERSAL SMI worm geared motors. A complete range of IEC and NEMA motors in a variety of efficiency grades are also included for selection along with SK 500E series cabinet inverters and SK 180E & SK 200E decentralised frequency inverters. Selection can include line item reference numbers for multiple product enquiries.

The new product configuration software is included as part of NORD DRIVESYSTEMS’ myNORD customer portal which has been trialled in Germany and is due for a British launch later in 2017. Designed for fast, practical and secure support for its valued customers, myNORD will allow even more advanced features for registered customers including all the benefits of the product configurator and CAD configurator with automatic purchasing prices according to customers negotiated terms, order status and shipment tracking as well as multi-user use and saveable projects for customer’s project teams.

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