Monday 31 July 2017

1900 IO-Link device listed.

Just 6 months after its introduction, over 80% of all known IO-Link devices are already included in the IODDfinder, the central database for IO-device descriptions. The service launched by the IO-Link community at the start of this year was received very well by manufacturing companies and users alike and will contribute decisively towards the further spread of IO-Link.

This portal meets the desire of users of IO-Link technology for a central access point for IODDs of all IO-Link devices common in the market. This data pool is available 24/7 allowing interested parties access to the database and facilitating direct connection of engineering and parameterization tools. Relevant software tools are given access via the Internet to this manufacturer-neutral data pool, which guarantees users automatic access to all operationally-important description files of IO-Link devices.

So far, more than 30 manufacturers of IO-Link devices are participating in the data platform and have already stored about 1900 IODDs. With this amount of IODDs, more than 3900 different IO-Link devices can be parameterized. On the consumer side, the platform was able to deal with roughly 2500 call-ups per day in the first half of the year.

These figures demonstrate in an impressive way how valuable this new service is for the IO-Link world.

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