Monday 10 July 2017

Handle options.

Multitron has announced the availability of 50 new Stainless Steel and Chromium-Plated Handles, added to Mentor’s range of Equipment Handles, bringing the total range of Handle options to over 270. The majority are available ex-stock and at low MOQs.

Handles made of steel are ideal for high bearing loads and are suitable for pulling, pushing, and lifting actions in equipment and machinery applications, and if elegant design, high strength, chemical resistance or food hygiene are important in the product design, then stainless steel handles are a very good solution. Chromium-Plated Handles offer stylish, high-strength solutions, and many versions have anti-slip hand grips as options.

A product handle can dictate the overall aesthetics of the final product, so equal importance is applied to both form and function. Every handle offers elegance and quality, is ergonomic and comfortable to hold and can be customised to meet specific dimensional requirements.

In addition to Stainless Steel and Chromium-Plated Handles, MENTOR’s range includes aluminium and plastic handles, recessed and carrying handles, ledge, strap and tray handles, plus folding / collapsible handles. There are also “prop-up”, “spring-back” and “rear-up” handles, front-panel handles and circuit board handles, heat resistant handles and many modular handle systems.

Extensive product information is available on the new Multitron Handles Microsite, including fully-dimensioned drawings and selection charts. Information on availability and MOQs etc is presented using graphical icons with “instant on hover” explanatory text.

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