Friday 28 July 2017

Gas purity in semiconductor applications.

Michell Instruments is now offering to customers in the semi-conductor and gas manufacturing industries a class-leading trace oxygen analyzer for ensuring the quality of ultra-high purity gases.

Analytical Industries’ PI2-UHP Oxygen Analyzer is both cost-effective and reliable. With a low detection limit of less than 100 PPT, it is designed to measure trace-level oxygen contamination in high-purity gases. The Pico-Ion electrochemical sensor is maintenance free and routine calibrations are quick and simple thanks to the built-in auto-calibration and sample handling system. There is no need to add electrolyte.

To ensure the zero gas is completely free of O2,  an oxygen scrubber is included as part of the integrated sampling system. To protect the sensor, a sample by-pass is provided to isolate the sensor from high oxygen levels during, start-up, sample line switching and during maintenance.

Mitchell Instrument products are marketed in Ireland by Instrument Technology.

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