Monday 9 January 2017

Elbow plug connector.

A new elbow plug connector called Anglissimo has been launched by LEMO connectors. This patent pending connector offers the system integrator and manufacturer the possibility to orientate the connector in one of the eight possible positions during its assembly.
The solution is ideal in designs where many cables need to be positioned in a precise way to prevent cable clutter or a jungle of cables. This new connector model is called Anglissimo from the Italian “issimo” superlative such as “belissimo” *. The product is available in 3 sizes 0B, 1B and 2B series . It 2 to 32 electrical contacts.

@richtsound maintained in an tweet some months ago that "Anglissimo" is the Italian for "as English as possible"  however methinks that might be carrying the "Reject Brexit" position a bit far - a case of Reject Brexitissimo?

@LEMOConnectors #PAuto

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